An idea for a short tragic movie

An idea for a short tragic movie

Ta post je v angleščini. Slovenski prevod je na tej povezavi: Ideja za kratek tragičen film.

With this idea I wanted to explore how difficult it is to follow a story through a single viewing angle and how difficult it is to arouse emotions while reading it. Did I succeed?


An idea for a short tragic movie

Part 1

1.1 – street in a more quiet part of town, side parking, city block
The girl in late twenties with a mutt on a leash are walking down the sidewalk, they cross a one-way street to a parked car. An old one. Just before she would unlock the car door, she sees a white envelop on the windshield. She shudders, takes the envelop, opens it and takes a folded paper out. We can’t see the content. A grimace distorts her face, bursts into tears and the dog starts to bark. She looks in the direction from where she came and sees a man that is walking furiously towards her. We see him only from the back, he has a hood over his head. While walking he stretches out his hand and we see he is holding a pistol. He starts firing towards the girl. He hits her multiple times, we see blood and she collapses.

DARKNESS, a text appears on the screen: “They say your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die”

Part 2

All the scenes from now on are in black and white, we are looking through the eyes of the girl, the only thing that we hear is music, no other sounds or vocals.

2.1 – first steps
She opens her eyes, she grabs the coffee table with her baby hands, strugglingly stands up, looks to the left where her mother and father are, looks back at the table, lets go of it firstly with one hand, then with the other, looks back at her parents, takes one step and falls.
She crawls back to the table, grabs it once more, gets up, looks at her parents and awkwardly walks for two meters until she reaches mothers embrace. Mother looks happy, father proud. We can barely see a bruise on the mother’s hand. The girl closes her eyes.

2.2 – primary school
She opens her eyes, she sees a group of her classmates who laugh at her and point towards her. She looks down and sees her torn skirt. One of her female classmates comes towards her and holds her. The girl closes her eyes.

2.3 – home – secondary school
She opens her eyes, she sees his drunken father how he is screaming at her mother. He is slapping and hitting her. Mother is trying to defend herself but doesn’t have a chance. She fearfully glances at her daughter. The girl collapses in the corner of the room and watches. Her father turns to her, takes his belt out of his trousers and starts walking towards her. A small dog jumps in between them and starts barking at her father. Just before the girl closes her eyes, we see the father swing his leg towards the dog.

2.4 – bus, high school
She opens her eyes, she sees she is sitting on the bus that stops. She gets up, goes to the exit, walks down the stairs out of the bus and sees her mother on the platform with sunglasses who ineffectively hide a black eye. She smiles at the girl and spreads her arms wanting a hug. The girl runs to her, hugs her and closes her eyes.

2.5. – party
She opens her eyes, she is dancing at a party. The lightshow is on, a group of more or less same age people are dancing around her. A guy walks towards her, he wants to dance with her. She looks to her friend (the one that comforted her in primary school), she smiles and hints the girl that he doesn’t look so bad and that she can take the chance. They start to dance. He looks a bit clumsy, but he probably drank a bit too much. We can see the chemistry between the girl and the guy. The girl closes her eyes.

2.6 – romance no.1 – lake Bled, Slovenia
She opens her eyes, she is in the middle of a lake on a boat with the guy. She is holding a champagne glass, the guy is smiling at her, they toast with the drink. The girl closes her eyes.

2.7 – romance no.2 – Moorish castle, Tabernas, Spain
She opens her eyes, she sees a beautiful view with sunset over the horizon. When she looks on the left, she sees the castle walls and when she looks back to the right, she sees the guy who is watching her full of love. He gets on his knees and takes a small box out of his pocket. When he opens the box towards her, we can see an engagement ring. The girl bursts into tears, nods and closes her eyes.

Part 3

3.1 – their flat
She opens her eyes, she holds a tray with food and walks from the kitchen to the living room where a bunch of guy’s friends watch sports TV with him. She puts the full tray on the table, which is between the guys and the TV. Her fiancé puts a grimace on his face while she is blocking the view. Others try to cheer and look at the TV from different angels not even acknowledging her. The girl closes her eyes.

3.2 – their flat
She opens her eyes, she is in front of the dining table with two empty cups with saucers and her fiancé waiting for her on the other side of the table. She is holding a full coffee pot and while pouring into one cup her hands shivers a bit and consequently spills a few drops. We can see a bruise on one of her hands. When she looks at her fiancé, he yells at her. The girl closes her eyes.

3.3 – their flat
She opens her eyes, she is in the flat looking at the front door while they are opened. Her fiancé comes in and she pulls her hand from behind and shows him the pregnancy test. He is a bit shocked, reaches for the tester, looks at it, looks at her, smiles at her and hugs her. The girl closes her eyes.

3.4 – their flat
She opens her eyes, she is walking up the stairs, opens the front door to their flat and sees her fiancé how he is behind the dining table and while she is coming inside, he stands up, picks a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the table, throws it on the floor and stamps it. He jumps to her, showing her a greeting card with a heart and non-recognisable signature. She extends her arms, she wants to explain, but he doesn’t listen. He slaps her so hard she loses balance and drops with her stomach on a closet for shoes. For a moment all is blurry because of the pain, she grabs the closet with one hand, looks down at her 8-months-baby belly and reaches bellow the skirt with the other arm. After a moment, we see this hand full of blood. The girl closes her eyes.

3.5 – hospital
She opens her eyes, she is lying, seeing lights that are moving on the ceiling. On her left and right are the hospital staff, they are running beside her bed. She looks down to her big belly, it is covered with hospital’s blanket and she sees a few drops of blood. She can also see her fiancé running behind her belly at a safe distance. The girl closes her eyes.

3.6 – hospital
She opens her eyes, looks around and sees she is in the birth room. Above her are lights, on one side is a doctor with a bloody scalpel and when she looks at her belly, they are just taking the baby out of her. The baby is motionless. She looks at the doctor, he is using his stethoscope to check if the baby has a pulse. After a few seconds, he closes his eyes and shakes his head towards the midwife. The girl closes her teary eyes.

3.7 – their flat
She opens her eyes, she sees her fiancé in the living room. He is crying, begging her. She shakes her head, looks at her right hand, takes the engagement ring from her finger and throws it at him. She then turns around, takes her suitcases and goes out of the flat. The girl closes her eyes.

3.8 – parents’ house
She opens her eyes, she is crying in the mother’s embracement. Her mother is crying also, her father has flushed cheeks, he looks drunk and is cursing. The girl closes her eyes.

3.9 – police
She opens her eyes, she is in an office at the police station. In front of her is a police officer who is writing something on the paper. When she looks out of the office window she sees her ex fiancé how is in handcuffs and led by two police officers through the hallway. The girl closes her eyes.

3.10 – parents’ house
She opens her eyes, she is in her childhood room, looking at her photo album. She looks at one photo with the whole family and she is petting the dog they had when she was younger. After some moments, she looks at the door to the room and it opens. Her mother is showing the way for the girl’s childhood friend (the same one) who comes in with a small dog in hands. With an awkward smile she gives this dog to the girl. The girl hugs the dog and closes her eyes.

Part 4

4.1 – work
She opens her eyes, she is in her cubicle, looking at her phone. Seven missed calls from “Murderer”. She also looks at her messages, and goes through the last couple of days of messages from the sender “Murderer”. It looks like at least 20 messages have been sent in one day and a lot more from previous days. The girl closes her eyes.

4.2 – work
She opens her eyes, she is in a meeting room full of co-workers. It is an oval table with everybody in suits. Around the room is a glass wall that is separating it from other hallways and offices. When she looks at the glass doors, she sees Murdered who just ran to the door and wants to open it. Behind him is a security guard who caught up on him and prevents him to open the door to the meeting room. When Murderer tries to punch him, the guard skilfully evades and throws the attacker to the floor and prevents him to stand back up while talking into the walkie talkie. The girl closes her eyes.

4.3 – parents’ house
She opens her eyes, she is in her childhood room sitting in the corner with knees to her ears and petting her dog. During her petting, the dog raises its head and starts looking at the window and barking. When the girl follows its view, she sees Murderer at the window. She gets up and runs to the door. The girl closes her eyes.

Part 5

5.1 – street
She opens her eyes, she is walking down the street with her dog on the leash. She crosses a one-way street to a parked car. Just before she would unlock the car door, she sees a white envelop on the windshield. She shudders, takes the envelop, opens it and takes a folded paper out. These words are on the paper: “If I can’t have you, nobody will!”. She bursts into tears and looks at the dog that starts to bark. She looks in the direction of the dog barking and sees Murderer walking furiously towards her, his face distorted with rage. While walking he stretches out his hand and she sees he is holding a pistol. He starts firing towards her. He hits her at least 10 times. She collapses. Before she closes her eyes, she sees the dog in front of her and at the last moment the murderer’s shoes (they are the same as when they were at the lake and by the castle). The girl closes her eyes for the last time.


If you liked this text, you shold check my idea for promoting first aid seminars.

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Ideja za kratek tragičen film

Ideja za kratek tragičen film

This post is in Slovenian language. This same post is also available in English here: An idea for a short tragic movie

S to idejo sem hotel raziskati, kako težko je voditi zgodbo skozi samo en zorni kot in kako težko je vzbuditi čustva v branju tega teksta . Mi je uspelo?


Ideja za kratek tragičen film

1. del

1.1 – ulica spalnega dela mesta, bočno parkirani avtomobili, bloki
Dekle v poznih dvajsetih, pes mešanček na povodcu, hodita po pločniku in zavijeta čez enosmerno cesto na drugo stran do parkiranega avtomobila, neka stara kripa. Že gre proti vratom avtomobila, da bi jih odklenilo, ko na vetrobranskem steklu zagleda belo kuverto, se malo zdrzne, jo vzame, odpre in iz nje vzame prepognjen list papirja. Ne vidimo vsebine, obraz se popači, privrejo solze na oči, pes začne lajati, dekle se ozre v smeri iz katere je prišlo. Proti njej besno z ogromnimi koraki koraka moški (vidimo ga v hrbet s kapuco), iztegne roko v kateri ima pištolo. Med potjo začne streljati proti dekletu, vidimo kri in dekle se zgrudi na tla.
TEMA, napis na ekranu: “Pravijo, da se tik preden umreš, tvoje celotno življenje odvije pred tvojimi očmi”.

2. del

Vsi prizori od sedaj naprej so črnobeli, gledamo skozi oči dekleta, v podlagi je glasba, ni nobenih drugih zvokov ali vokalov.

2.1 – prvi koraki
Odpre oči, z otroškimi ročicami se prime za mizico, s trudom vstane, pogleda na levo kjer sta mama in oče, pogleda mizico, spusti najprej eno roko, potem še drugo, pogleda proti staršema in naredi en korak ter pade.
Se priplazi nazaj do mizice, spet s trudom vstane, pogleda starša in pristopiclja tista dva metra do maminega objema. Na mamini roki je slabo vidna modrica, mama vesela, oče ponosen, dekle zapre oči.

2.2 – osnovna šola
Odpre oči, gruča sošolcev se reži in kaže s prstom nanjo. dekle pogleda navzdol, se vidi njeno strgano krilo. S strani pristopi sošolka, jo objame. Dekle zapre oči.

2.3 – doma – srednja šola
Odpre oči, vidi pijanega očeta, kako kriči na mamo in jo klofuta in tepe. Mama se poskuša braniti, ampak nima moči. Strahoma pogleduje proti dekletu. Dekle se sesede v kot sobe in opazuje. Oče se obrne proti dekletu, iz hlač potegne pas in zakoraka proti njej. Med njiju skoči cucek in začne lajati proti očetu. Tik preden dekle zapre oči, vidi očeta kako zamahne z nogo proti psu.

2.4 – avtobus, fakulteta
Odpre oči, je na avtobusu, ta se ravnokar ustavi. Vstane, se pomakne proti izhodu, hodi po stopnicah ven iz avtobusa, zagleda na peronu mamo kako s sončnimi očali zakriva modrico na očesu. Ta se ji smehlja in razteguje roke za objem. Dekle leti v objem in zapre oči.

2.5. – zabava
Odpre oči, pleše v disku, luči utripajo, gruča enako starih ljudi, pristopi mladenič, bi plesal z dekletom. Dekle pogleda proti svoji prijateljici (to je tista, ki jo je branila v osnovni šoli), ta se nasmehne in namigne naj le gre plesati. Začneta plesati, malo se sicer opoteka na trenutke, verjetno malo preveč spil, ampak se vidi kako deluje kemija. Dekle zapre oči.

2.6 – romantika 1 – blejsko jezero
Odpre oči, je sredi jezera na čolnu s tem mladeničem. V roki drži kozarec šampanjca, mladenič se ji smehlja in ji nazdravi. Dekle zapre oči.

2.7 – romantika 2 – grad, Tabernas, Španija
Odpre oči, pred seboj vidi prelep razgled na sončni zahod, levo obzidje gradu, desno pa tega mladeniča, ki jo lepo pogleda, poklekne in iz žepa potegne škatlico. Ko jo odpre, je v njej viden zaročni prstan. Oči se ji zasolzijo, prikima in zapre oči.

3. del

3.1 – stanovanje
Odpre oči, v roki ima pladenj s hrano, gre iz kuhinje v dnevno sobo, kjer njen zaročenec sedi s prijatelji na kavču, pijejo pivo in gledajo šport na televiziji. Položi pladenj s hrano na mizico, ki je med sedežno in televizijo, zaročenec se namrdne, ker mu je preprečila pogled na televizijo, ostali njegovi prijatelji iščejo prosti pogled na televizijo mimo nje. Dekle zapre oči.

3.2 – stanovanje
Odpre oči, v roki ima posodo s kavo, pred njo je jedilna miza, na kateri sta dve prazni skodelici, na drugi strani mize njen zaročenec v spodnji majici. Ko hoče naliti v njegovo skodelico, se ji malo zatresejo roke in polije nekaj kapljic kave mimo skodelice. Pri nalivanju se izpod rokava roke nakaže košček modrice. Ko pogleda proti zaročencu, jo ta nahruli. Dekle zapre oči.

3.3 – stanovanje
Odpre oči, je v stanovanju, gleda proti vhodnim vratom, kako se odpirajo. Skoznje pride zaročenec, izza njenega hrbta počasi iztegne svojo roko, v kateri je tester nosečnosti. Zaročenec ga presenečeno vzame v roko, pogleda in se razveseli in jo objame. Dekle zapre oči.

3.4 – stanovanje
Odpre oči, hodi po stopnicah do vhodnih vrat v stanovanje, jih odpre. Znotraj se vidi, kako zaročenec vstane izza mize, na mizi lep šopek rož. Agresivno prime šopek, ga vrže po tleh, stopi nanj in ji pod nos pomoli kartico s srčkom in nečitljivim podpisom. Dekle da roke narazen, hoče razložiti, jo ne posluša, jo klofuti tako močno, da se opoteče in pade na omarico v predprostoru. Skrči se od bolečine, prime za omarico z eno roko, pogleda navzdol, kjer se vidi velik trebuh, seže z drugo roko pod obleko in ko spet vidi roko, je krvava. Dekle zapre oči.

3.5 – bolnišnica
Odpre oči, leži na postelji, nad njo se premikajo luči, levo in desno bolnišnično osebje, ki se sporazumeva med seboj in jo skupaj potiskajo po hodniku. Pogleda proti trebuhu, je pokrit, vidijo se kapljice krvi, izza trebuha vidi zaročenca, ki iz razdalje leti za njimi. Dekle zapre oči.

3.6 – bolnišnica
Odpre oči, je v porodni sobi, nad njo luči, zdravnik s krvavim skalpelom, pogleda proti trebuhu, ravno jemljejo dojenčka ven. Dojenček negiben, dekle pogleda zdravnika, ta prisloni stetoskop na dojenčka, trenutek prisluhne in pogleda babico, zapre oči in odkima. Dekle zapre solzne oči.

3.7 – stanovanje
Odpre oči, je v dnevni sobi, zaročenec se joka, jo moleduje, ona odkimava, vrže v njega zaročni prstan, pograbi kovčke in odvihra iz stanovanja. Dekle zapre oči.

3.8 – stanovanje staršev
Odpre oči, se joka v objemu mame, mama se joka. Oče zaripel v obraz, pijan, besno grdo govori v prazno. Dekle zapre oči.

3.9 – policija
Odpre oči, je v pisarni na policiji, policaj piše zapisnik. Skozi okno pisarne vidi bivšega zaročenca, kako ga v lisicah vodijo mimo pisarne. Dekle zapre oči.

3.10 – stanovanje staršev
Odpre oči, je v svoji stari sobi, gleda fotoalbum svoje mladosti, se osredotoči na sliko svoje družine, kako ona kot otrok na kolenih objema cucka. Pogleda na vrata sobe, se odprejo in mama spusti naprej njeno prijateljico. Ta ima v naročju majhnega mešančka in ji ga z nerodnim nasmeškom pomoli. Dekle ga stisne k sebi, zapre oči.

4. del

4.1 – služba
Odpre oči, pogleda na svoj telefon na mizi, 7 zgrešenih klicev, ime klicatelja je “Morilec”, pogleda še sporočila, gre hitro skozi seznam sporočil od naslovnika “Morilec”, vidi, da je bilo vsaj 20 sporočil od danes, in še mnogo mnogo sporočil od preteklih dni. Dekle zapre oči.

4.2 – služba
Odpre oči, je v sejni sobi, predstavlja nek produkt zbranim sodelavcem (ovalna miza, vsi zrihtani, v kravatah, sejna soba cela v steklu). Pogleda proti steklenim vratom, ravno priletel Morilec do vrat. Preden bi jih lahko odprl, ga dohiti varnostnik, in mu prepreči vstop. Morilec postane agresiven, neuspešno zamahne proti varnostniku, ta se spretno izmakne, ga vrže na tla in se upre nanj, vzame walkie-talkie in začne nekaj govoriti vanj. Dekle zapre oči.

4.3 – stanovanje staršev
Odpre oči, je v svoji stari sobi na postelji čisto v kotu, sedi, kolena čisto pri bradi in ob njej cucek. Med glajenjem njegove dlake se cucek dvigne in začne lajati proti oknu. Dekle pogleda proti oknu, vidi kako Morilec gleda skozenj. Skoči iz postelje in leti proti vratom. Dekle zapre oči.

5. del

5.1 – ulica
Odpre oči, hodi po ulici s psom na povodcu, prečka enosmerno cesto, se ustavi pri avtu, iz žepa potegne ključe. Preden odklene vrata, vidi, da je na vetrobranskem steklu kuverta. Malo se zdrzne, seže po njej in jo odpre. Iz nje vzame prepognjen list papirja in prebere sledeče besede: “Če te jaz ne morem imeti, te nihče ne bo imel!”. Se ji ulijejo solze, hitro pogleda proti psu, ki je začel razdraženo lajati v eno smer. Pogleda v tisto smer in vidi Morilca, kako hitro koraka proti njej. Vidi njegov besno popačeni izraz na obrazu in vidi, kako se mu njegova desna roka dviguje in kako drži v njej pištolo. Pištola se začne bliskati, moški jo strelja in na poti do nje izprazne vanjo vsaj 10 metkov. Dekle se zgrudi na tla in preden zamiži, vidi pred seboj psa in zadnjo sekundo še čevlje morilca (ki so isti čevlji, kot pa jih je imel na jezeru in ob gradu). Dekle poslednjič zapre oči.



Če vam je bil ta tekst všeč, vam bo mogoče tudi moja ideja za promocijo prve pomoči.

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A love letter from 1928

A love letter from 1928

I am sorry, but my knowledge of old English is way bellow the level needed for translating this beautiful letter into its proper form.

<Slovenian language>

Pred vami je pismo, ki ga je fant poslal svoji ljubezni 18.11.1928.

Mila gospica!

Dovolj bodi mojega odlašanja in oprezovanja! Pogum velja! Tako sam sebi prigovarjam, da bi Vam odkrito razodel kar mi je vedno na mislih.
To pismo Vam pišem brez uvoda, odkrito in resnično. Kakor imam navado biti v vsem svojem dejanju in nehanju.
Tudi hočem le na kratko govoriti.
In sicer ta stavek, ki je zame najbolj občutljiv pišem ga res prav s tresočo roko.
Gospodična, presrčno Vas ljubim, sodili bodete sami v bodočnosti. Dozdaj moje serce še ni poznalo ljubezni in srce mi pravi, da bi mi je Vi nevračali.
Odločili bodete v odgovoru, kojega Vas lepo prosim, usoda čutečega človeka.
S tem nočem reči da bi v tej zadevi storili kaj iz usmiljenja, nikakor ne marveč bodite toliko ljubeznjivi, da mi čustva svojega srca tako razkrijete kakoršna so se rodile v njem.

Moje okoliščine so Vam dobro znane. Zato bi bilo odveč, ko bi jih Vam opisoval.
Tudi svojim staršem razodel sem to svojo namero in brez pomisleka so jo odobravali.
Ciko bode Vaš odgovor tak, da bode utešil moje iskrene želje, potem ste me storili najsrečnejšega človeka na svetu. Ako se pa moji ljubezni velecenjena gospica – ne morete odzvati, tedaj sem toliko možaka, da bodem prebil tudi to bolest, če tudi mi bode vse življenje ogrenjeno.

V vašem merodajnem odgovoru naj prevladuje zgolj resnica, ki je zvezana z ljubeznijo, in tako odločite usodo v brezmejni ljubezni.

Vam vedno vdani

ljubezensko-pismo1 ljubezensko-pismo2

</Slovenian language>

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How to promote first aid seminars

How to promote first aid seminars

I recently attended a workshop on public speaking. One of the tasks was to find the differences between a dull and an interesting invitation to the first aid seminars. Before I’ve heard both versions I’ve already come up with my own version. Here it is:

Please, close your eyes. Imagine in front of you the person who you really like being with, the person you love. Imagine that she is looking at you, and she smiles at you. You return her the smile.

Her smile freezes and slowly fades. Her eyes stop showing love and start to show surprise. She begins gasping, she reaches for her neck, her beautiful lips pass from passionate red to pale blue and so are her cheeks. She doesn’t know what to do, she is surprised and imbued with terror. Her wide-open eyes find yours, she needs your help!

You want to rush to her, you want to help her, but you can’t. You crash into an invisible wall, a hard glass. You try to break it, punching it, kicking it, screaming. She collapses. She looks in your direction but she is too weak to look up to you. You try to use momentum, but the glass just won’t budge.

She closes her eyes, squeezing one last tear out. She stops struggling, she stops moving. Her body relaxes.

You slump hopelessly to the ground with sore throat and bruised knuckles. Leaning to your invisible worst enemy, you stare at her helpless.


Your lack of first aid knowledge is your invisible worst enemy. Don’t help him win, take the first aid seminar!

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Why I can’t live without why

Why I can’t live without why

Somebody would say that this is a bug, yet somebody else would think of it as a feature. My pure subjective thinking cheers for the second one.

In my opinion stating pure facts and remembering them isn’t just harder but also dangerous most of the time.

A quick look around the internet is enough for a smart person like you to see what a mindless fact can do.
The most trivial subject I can think of is the famous quotes. Just put some semi wise words on a picture of somebody famous, sign it in his name and everybody will repeat those words.

I never said half the crap people said I did - Albert Einstein

And don’t even bother with politics.

I must say that I am extremely blessed with a really good memory. It is somewhat selective at times but it serves me rather well. Therefore I don’t have any issues remembering (useless) facts per se.
But I’ve figured it out that I can remember the facts/data for which I know more about more clearly. For which I know the why. I always wanted to understand everything. Not to know it by heart, but to know why everything goes the way it does.

I know I’d raised quite a few eyebrows in school when I asked this question for the n-th time: “But professor, why is that?”
I understood what they were trying to say, but I wanted to know more. I wanted to know why. Professors are usually credible persons and they know their field so it was pragmatically wiser (or so I thought) to ask for a quick explanation at school than to search for the right answer in books I would have to get in the library (yeah, there wasn’t any Google yet and altavista, lycos and others weren’t that smart).

The “why” question is still a really important part of my daily life. The only thing that has changed is that I tend to be not as persistent on finding the whole answer when the people around me aren’t as enthusiastic about the subject as me. Fortunately, we now have the technology that helps me find answers faster than in the library where I was all the time in my teenage years.

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The New Year’s resolutions – it’s not the how, it’s the why

The New Year’s resolutions – it’s not the how, it’s the why

It is that part of the year again when we want to put our past year behind and start fresh. With a lot of enthusiasm, energy and high hopes.
We know we were a bit lazy last year, but this year it will be a totally different story! We promise!

So we bring our dusty gym accessories from the closet, buy some new weights or gym membership and we know that this time we will rule the world. Just in case, because we know ourselves, we print or buy a large calendar, so it will be easier for us to follow the days we will exercise (most definitely every day, but you never know if something important interrupts us and we miss a day, or – god forbid – two).

Gym Source: Wikimedia

But as time passes, maybe in the middle of January if we are weak, or maybe in the middle of February or March, we realize that our equipment is getting more and more dusty in a corner somewhere. Oh, ok.. Then let’s wait for the New Year again. Next year, oh yes, next year I will be disciplined and I will do it for the whole year for sure!

What happened?

The motivation lasted only a few days or a few weeks. Then we managed to find some really powerful excuses that postponed our exercise for a day, two days, three, a week, a month.

Why did we lose the motivation?

We said on New Year’s Eve: “This year I will stay fit and I will exercise every day.”

The first mistake was that we just told ourselves what we would like and how will we do it. Motivation gets its energy from WHY, not from HOW. But even if we did say why, it is possible that the why was this: “.. because I want to be in shape” or “.. because this will be good for my future me”.

This why is a surface why. After this why we should ask ourselves: “Why do I want to be in shape?” or “Why will it be good for my future me?”

The deeper we go, the better can we understand what are the links between different parts of our lives and how they are connected. It is not just the exercise that is important for getting in shape. What about food, cigarettes, stress, time, friends, illnesses…?

If we want to get in shape, we need to watch what we consume and what not to consume, how we live our lives, who we are with (if everybody around us is lazy, that is not much of a motivation for us, is it?), if we have digestion or other health concerns/problems (if every calorie sticks on us, it is unfortunately much more difficult to get and stay in shape), etc.

At the end after many whys, we find out that the problem is much deeper and that certain goals can be achieved only if we change our lifestyle and how we think.

If you would be sincerely happy with yourself, you wouldn’t have New Year’s resolutions, because you would already do what you like to get to where you would like to be.

So, are you willing to change your lifestyle to get what you want, or are you going to refine what you want and then change?

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How I created my personal reporting system for bitcoin prices

How I created my personal reporting system for bitcoin prices

TL;DR: My weekend project – generating report for BTC trading, that can be found here:

I guess the best way to learn something is to actually try and fiddle with it somehow.

That is why I dedicated the last weekend of the year 2013 to exploring bitcoin exchange. All this hype about altercoins made me wonder what is going on at these markets (mtgox, btc-e, bitstamp…). Especially what can somebody see through the numbers. I gave myself a two day deadline to just see where it will lead me.

My prior knowledge consisted of knowing enough about bitcoin and altercoins. I even bought a bitcoin when it was still a $100. I also had a theory about how stock exchange functions.
I know I should have tried bitstamp, because the owners are from the same country and I know they are doing a great job, but somehow I found myself on btc-e’s webpage and used their APIs.

For anybody who doesn’t know what APIs are, let’s just say that one part of this is when you go to a certain URL, you get some data without any design. This data is there for you to use it. For example, if you would use this URL, you would get only this in your browser:
Normaly you wouldn’t want to use this kind of view when in a browser, but it gets handy for computer processing.

Before I jumped into PHP, multidimensional arrays and math, I wanted to understand what all that data means. What are sell orders, buy orders, trade history, what are asks and bids… From now on I will concentrate on Bitcoin(BTC) – USD trading.

Current price – the last price that was used to buy or sale BTC (ie. 736.998 USD per 1 BTC)

Sell orders – Somebody would like to sell BTC, but usually not for the current price, but for more. The more he wants, the longer he will have to wait for somebody to buy it from him. So he ASKS x USD per 1 BTC for his n BTC. (ie. He would like 737.51 USD per 1 BTC, and for that price he is willing to sell 0.456 BTC)

Buy orders – Somebody would like to buy BTC, but usually not for the current price, but for less. The less he wants, the longer he will have to wait for somebody to sell it from him. So he BIDS x USD per 1 BTC for n BTC. (ie. He would give 735.1 USD per 1 BTC, and for that price he is willing to buy 3.41 BTC)

Trade history – the last trades that were successful on the market (somebody did buy or sell BTC)

So let’s say that if I really really would like to buy 10 BTCs right now, and the sell order looks like this:

736 USD for 8.8 BTC;
736.998 USD for 0.05 BTC;
737.787 USD for 5.46 BTC

I would have to buy for 736 from the first guy for 8.8 BTC, and because I still need 1.2 BTC I would have to buy for 736,998 USD a BTC for 0.05 BTC from the second guy in a row and lastly 0.7 BTC from the third guy for a price of 737.787 USD per BTC.

After finding all this out I looked at the APIs and wanted to make my own report.

I used three APIs, one for the current price (ticker), one for sell and buy orders (first 150) and one for trade history (last 150).

The raw numbers didn’t mean much to me, so I wanted to make use of them.

Some summarizing of Sell and buy orders. There are a lot of orders in number, but after I’ve addet up all the multiplications of price for 1 BTC and quantity of BTCs for each orders (buy and sell respectively), I’ve found that view can be deceiving. If I would need to guess if the price will rise or fall, one indicator would surely be the percentage of the difference between equity from both orders. If there is more money (average price for 1 BTC multiplied with all the BTC everybody is willing to sell/buy) on the selling order, than the price can drop.

Later I found out, that some orders can be fake to just make some noise and distort the whole picture. I saw some large orders waiting patiently until the price was almost the same as they wanted it to sell/buy, but then they canceled the order.

I also wanted to know when/where are these orders. Are they near the current price, or are they much higher/lower. That is why I split the data into six parts. Price for first order, price for 30th order, 60th, 90th, 120th and price for the last order. I calculated the procentage of rise or fall of the price and the averages for each part (price, quantity, and multiplication of price and quantity). So even if the Buy order has more equity I could find out that most of that equity would come into use in the last part, so at a very low price.

After the orders I wanted to see the last 150 trades more clearly. Firstly I divided the data to six parts and followed the price and percentage of its rise or fall.

I also wanted to know the actual equity that was sold or bought and how many transactions was for each one. But just the transactions can be deceiving – at the moment of writing there were 76 transactions for selling bitcoin and 74 for buying; that would mean that both are more or less equal. They aren’t. These 76 transactions sold 11,37 BTC for 8,355.61 USD and these other 74 transactions bought 21.43 BTC for 15,751.89 USD. So 46.955% more BTC was bought than sold.

One part of the report One part of the report

Lastly I also wanted to know the price, quantity and multiplication of both for all the parts for sold and bought BTC.

Because I wanted to see if my findings could be a foundation to an automatic trader if I ever find another free weekend I followed the numbers and properly foresaw the rise and fall of BTC in one one-hour interval. Let there be beginners luck or just coincidance, I am declaring this weekend project as a success. I’ve learned yet another subject that may or may not be of any future use to me, but it was fun and rewarding.

If you found the power to scroll all the way to here, I hope you found something new (I know many of you know a lot more about this subject than me) and I appologise if any statement here is not correct or plain wrong. And if you missed the link at the top, my live report page can be seen here:

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Why is business just like minesweeper

Why is business just like minesweeper

We all know minesweeper, the one of the most widespread games for computers. It is included in every major operating system as far as I know and there are probably very few of you who haven’t tried it at least once.

Minesweeper Won

I have been on and off with minesweeper from the very beginning and I still find it as a good way to clear my mind in between tasks that I do in my free time.

One time while playing it a thought went through my mind. Minesweeper and businesses have a lot in common! And then I began to write examples which you can read bellow:

–          The first strategy (or road) doesn’t have to be the best or the easiest – you can (or must) go around to find the same mines easier from the other side

–          It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t have luck, you will probably fail

–          The minefield always looks really easy to figure it out when you have already finished the game

–          Sometimes you just get stuck and you need to trust your guts or count on plain luck

–          If you want to be really good at it, you have to invest a lot of time and study the material – after a while you don’t have to count the brackets when there is a right sequence of numbers, you already know where the mines are

–          Fuckit ship (click) it

–          Sometimes you just have to admit that you lost, give up and start another game

–          If you don’t know the tricks, you are going to be slower (have a bad time) (middle click on a number if the mines are already marked)

–          There are days you just can’t win (a bad day for science)

–          If you play too fast and without thinking, you will make a bad move

–          Sometimes the gut feeling can save you

–          You mustn’t be in a hurry

–          You have to be focused when you do your kung fu

–          Sometimes you have to go waaaay around to come to the other side

–          You need to know the reason why you want to play this time (boredom, record breaking, finding new sequences…)

–          You will broke at least one mouse

Minesweeper Failed
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Location, location, location

Location, location, location

Let’s presume that you work hard and work smart.
That your product is the best one there is.

The most important thing/mission right now is to show people your project, your work, your masterpiece.
Let’s say we have the best recipe for chocolate ice cream. How will you convince people to try it?

You can have the best ice cream in the world, but if you have the stall in the middle of nowhere even the worst ice cream stall in the middle of Manhattan will be more profitable.Ice cream in summer
What are the reasons for the higher profits?

  • The higher frequency of visitors,
  • the higher standard,
  • it is probably hotter during summer, so ice cream is a must-have.

Here comes the magic solution for all of your problems: location, location, location.

A lot of us are trying to build great products for people. And even though we have the products on the internet, the rules are almost the same. The location matters. You have to be seen. And just like the Manhattan versus the middle of nowhere you also have to figure it out where the crowd that will most likely come to your stall is. The first place that everybody thinks of is of course Google and its search results page. If somebody was looking for LPG installers (shameless plug), it would have been quite fortunate if (my personal project) would be on one of the first few positions.

But it is very easy to forget that Google is not the only resource. What about other sites that have something to do with your subject? Facebook pages, twitter followers, forums. If you have a long term plan of building your project but you don’t have the time or don’t want to put as much effort into it, start small. Try one useful contribution per medium per day. Help somebody at a Facebook group today and contribute to a forum thread tomorrow.

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Find a good idea for an app in a jiffy

Find a good idea for an app in a jiffy

Let’s say that you are just brainstorming for your next big app that you want to make. You probably already have a few ideas, but none of them feels right so you need to expand your list a little.

Step 1:find-a-good-idea
Pick your (favorite) phone, go to the store and browse through the apps.

Step 2:
Don’t read the titles, just look at the pictures.

Step 3:
Somewhere there you will find a picture of an app that you didn’t know you wanted until now. Imagine what that app is, how it looks like and what are the functionalities.

Step 4:
Click on it and look at the screenshots. If you are disappointed or you thought it would be different, you just got yourself a candidate for your list.

If the app is too complex to make, repeat the first step until satisfied.


* photo by Christiano Betta


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