Why is business just like minesweeper

Why is business just like minesweeper

We all know minesweeper, the one of the most widespread games for computers. It is included in every major operating system as far as I know and there are probably very few of you who haven’t tried it at least once.

Minesweeper Won

I have been on and off with minesweeper from the very beginning and I still find it as a good way to clear my mind in between tasks that I do in my free time.

One time while playing it a thought went through my mind. Minesweeper and businesses have a lot in common! And then I began to write examples which you can read bellow:

–          The first strategy (or road) doesn’t have to be the best or the easiest – you can (or must) go around to find the same mines easier from the other side

–          It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t have luck, you will probably fail

–          The minefield always looks really easy to figure it out when you have already finished the game

–          Sometimes you just get stuck and you need to trust your guts or count on plain luck

–          If you want to be really good at it, you have to invest a lot of time and study the material – after a while you don’t have to count the brackets when there is a right sequence of numbers, you already know where the mines are

–          Fuckit ship (click) it

–          Sometimes you just have to admit that you lost, give up and start another game

–          If you don’t know the tricks, you are going to be slower (have a bad time) (middle click on a number if the mines are already marked)

–          There are days you just can’t win (a bad day for science)

–          If you play too fast and without thinking, you will make a bad move

–          Sometimes the gut feeling can save you

–          You mustn’t be in a hurry

–          You have to be focused when you do your kung fu

–          Sometimes you have to go waaaay around to come to the other side

–          You need to know the reason why you want to play this time (boredom, record breaking, finding new sequences…)

–          You will broke at least one mouse

Minesweeper Failed

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