Traffic skyrocketed 1378% and I did absolutely nothing about it

Traffic skyrocketed 1378% and I did absolutely nothing about it

I have a webpage about all the LPG stations in Slovenia. You may have heard of her bigger sister (the site for LPG stations in Europe), but you probably haven’t heard of

This page has a steady flow of regulars who want to find out about the locations, prices and schedule about a certain station.

There are some ups and downs in traffic, but they are more or less quite predictable (when the fuel prices change or a new station appears on the map and I send this info to my trustees through the mailing list).

However, other than that there aren’t any odd spikes around. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when one day I get an alert that the traffic is increasing a lot. I had that morning more visitors than I usually have through the whole day, and they just kept coming.

Of course, the first thing was to try to find out where all this traffic comes from. One page stood out by far; it was some sort of a coupon page. When I checked it, one of the offers was cheap LPG conversion. A company wanted to become known in the market and threw a campaign. The description looked promising, the whole deal also, and for the social proof that LPG is a great thing, they added a link to my LPG page where I have a calculator for helping to calculate if LPG can be economical for you (mileage, consumption, price of conversion…) or not.

So all this new visitors were pouring in while I’ve watched them on Google Analytics.  I didn’t know how to take advantage of this situation so I just refreshed the page and stared into the screen.


This phenomenon lasted for roughly two days and after that, it came back to normal.

What have I learned from all this? Nothing much. Expect the unexpected I guess.

I hope visitors found out they could drive more economically with autogas and if they did I hope there were enough coupons for everybody.

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