Learning is just like LEGO®

Learning is just like LEGO®

In preschool you are learning the basic things about life. So you start with a big blank plate with nothing on and after a while you get the first few Duplo® bricks, the first basic knowledge.

Lego_City_ViewThe teachers in grade school define the first broad-ish specter like math, history, geography… By learning those subjects you get the main building blocks that will probably be used through the whole life.

By the secondary school you already knew which subject to love and which to hate. You like LEGO® City, but you don’t want to play with pirates or spacemen. That’s why you mainly use all your City bricks you obtained and very few pirate or spacemen bricks. You know exactly how to use the first ones, and the second ones slowly disappear (under the closet, under the bed…).

When you finally come to high school you most likely get to study things you are eager to learn. You get the opportunity to obtain the bricks you always wanted and needed for your next big adventure. But even though pirates do not fit in the picture, some of their bricks will be necessary for making the perfect product.

So next time your child says to you that learning sucks, ask him if he wants to play with LEGO® Duplo® all his life.


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