How to promote first aid seminars

How to promote first aid seminars

I recently attended a workshop on public speaking. One of the tasks was to find the differences between a dull and an interesting invitation to the first aid seminars. Before I’ve heard both versions I’ve already come up with my own version. Here it is:

Please, close your eyes. Imagine in front of you the person who you really like being with, the person you love. Imagine that she is looking at you, and she smiles at you. You return her the smile.

Her smile freezes and slowly fades. Her eyes stop showing love and start to show surprise. She begins gasping, she reaches for her neck, her beautiful lips pass from passionate red to pale blue and so are her cheeks. She doesn’t know what to do, she is surprised and imbued with terror. Her wide-open eyes find yours, she needs your help!

You want to rush to her, you want to help her, but you can’t. You crash into an invisible wall, a hard glass. You try to break it, punching it, kicking it, screaming. She collapses. She looks in your direction but she is too weak to look up to you. You try to use momentum, but the glass just won’t budge.

She closes her eyes, squeezing one last tear out. She stops struggling, she stops moving. Her body relaxes.

You slump hopelessly to the ground with sore throat and bruised knuckles. Leaning to your invisible worst enemy, you stare at her helpless.


Your lack of first aid knowledge is your invisible worst enemy. Don’t help him win, take the first aid seminar!

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