Location, location, location

Location, location, location

Let’s presume that you work hard and work smart.
That your product is the best one there is.

The most important thing/mission right now is to show people your project, your work, your masterpiece.
Let’s say we have the best recipe for chocolate ice cream. How will you convince people to try it?

You can have the best ice cream in the world, but if you have the stall in the middle of nowhere even the worst ice cream stall in the middle of Manhattan will be more profitable.Ice cream in summer
What are the reasons for the higher profits?

  • The higher frequency of visitors,
  • the higher standard,
  • it is probably hotter during summer, so ice cream is a must-have.

Here comes the magic solution for all of your problems: location, location, location.

A lot of us are trying to build great products for people. And even though we have the products on the internet, the rules are almost the same. The location matters. You have to be seen. And just like the Manhattan versus the middle of nowhere you also have to figure it out where the crowd that will most likely come to your stall is. The first place that everybody thinks of is of course Google and its search results page. If somebody was looking for LPG installers (shameless plug), it would have been quite fortunate if myLPG.eu (my personal project) would be on one of the first few positions.

But it is very easy to forget that Google is not the only resource. What about other sites that have something to do with your subject? Facebook pages, twitter followers, forums. If you have a long term plan of building your project but you don’t have the time or don’t want to put as much effort into it, start small. Try one useful contribution per medium per day. Help somebody at a Facebook group today and contribute to a forum thread tomorrow.

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