Find a good idea for an app in a jiffy

Find a good idea for an app in a jiffy

Let’s say that you are just brainstorming for your next big app that you want to make. You probably already have a few ideas, but none of them feels right so you need to expand your list a little.

Step 1:find-a-good-idea
Pick your (favorite) phone, go to the store and browse through the apps.

Step 2:
Don’t read the titles, just look at the pictures.

Step 3:
Somewhere there you will find a picture of an app that you didn’t know you wanted until now. Imagine what that app is, how it looks like and what are the functionalities.

Step 4:
Click on it and look at the screenshots. If you are disappointed or you thought it would be different, you just got yourself a candidate for your list.

If the app is too complex to make, repeat the first step until satisfied.


* photo by Christiano Betta


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